This Radio station is brought to you by The BlackMagic Family Sound System. Sound system members: - GeeMan (Main Contact), Slim and The Might Lion. In the year 2000 “The Blackmagic Family” sound system was formed with Geeman & Slim from “Principle Hi-Power” and Redda from “Mackabee”. Blackmagic bought their 1st analogue Pre-amp from Barracuda. Blackmagic has supported many community and social events including carnivals and festivals, played in parks, on Hillz 96.6 FM Radio, at birthday parties, wedding receptions and is also resident sound for Coventry’s West Indian Domino Team Dances. The sound has played regularly at many venues on Coventry Club circuit. These include, Red Bar, Zest, The Courthouse, The Diplomat, Coventry Cross, Jazzy Moods, The Courtyard, The Jaguar, Catch 22 and The West Indian Club. We have now built a modern digital sound system with equipment that has some of the latest audio technology and have guest DJ’s and artist regularly at our events.




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